DriveWorks World 2018, April 16th - April 18th, Cheshire, UK

DriveWorks World 2018, April 16th - April 18th, Cheshire, UK Click Here To Register

Annual Value Added Technical Event for DriveWorks Users

Be inspired and advance your knowledge. There will be something of interest and value to you, whether you are new to DriveWorks, or are an advanced user of the software. DriveWorks World is your chance to learn, network & share ideas with DriveWorks experts & enthusiasts.

Why Attend?

mortar board iconLearn

DriveWorks World is your chance to advance your knowledge of DriveWorks Pro Administrator and beyond. Talk to DriveWorks experts and learn from other users about the way they do things. You'll pick up best practices and tips and tricks that will improve the way you work.

hands shaking iconMeet

Meet DriveWorks CEO, Glen Smith and Vice President, Maria Sarkar along with DriveWorks Senior Developers and the Technical Team. Tell us about your projects, how you use DriveWorks, your plans for advancing your projects and how we can help you to work smarter.

2 gears overlappingChoose Your Sessions

Whether you are new to DriveWorks or an advanced user of the software, you can tailor your DriveWorks World experience by choosing sessions to suit you and your skill level. Either complete the DriveWorks Pro Training and Certification or go beyond that with topics to advance your knowledge.

2 speech bubbles overlappingWhat's New

Be amongst the first to see and use the new functionality in DriveWorks 16. Learn from DriveWorks experts how best to use the new functionality and features and see how you and your company can make the most of the new release.

Letter I iconInfluence

Share your opinions and ideas about DriveWorks to influence the future of our software releases. Exchange experiences and discuss trends with other DriveWorks users and experts to enhance your own configurator projects and help others to improve theirs.

3 dots being connected iconGet Certified

Take our instructor led training from DriveWorks experts and gain Certified DriveWorks Professional (CDWP) status as recognition of your achievement. DriveWorks World is the only opportunity for DriveWorks users to achieve the DriveWorks Certification.


People in conference hall doing DriveWorks training on their laptops Trainees Learning to use DriveWorks 15 Features DriveWorks World 2017 Attendees recieving training from a member of the DriveWorks Technical Team DriveWorks World 2017 Attendees watching the sessions

Choose Your Sessions

This year DriveWorks World will kick off with the main event on Monday, followed by our annual dinner.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, you can then choose either DriveWorks Training and Certification or select short breakout sessions, covering specific topics, to tailor your DriveWorks World experience and learn what's relevant to you. The breakout sessions are divided by topic and skill level so you can learn in as much detail as you need.

You'll have the opportunity to meet with delegates from all sessions during break and lunch times, when we actively encourage you to network and share ideas.

If you have any questions regarding the schedule or the event, please contact us.

Sunday 15th April

DriveWorks World 2018 Excursion

We’ve arranged a great excursion on the Sunday before DriveWorks World and we’d like you to join us!

We'll be visiting Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, Tatton Park Historic Estate and enjoying lunch and drinks by the fire together.

Find out more on our blog.

Monday 16th April

DriveWorks World 2018

Kicking off the week with the main DriveWorks World event, including:

  • What's New in DriveWorks 16
  • Several 'How We Use DriveWorks' User Presentations
  • Using Specification Flow
  • Reporting and Troubleshooting

Followed by our annual DriveWorks World dinner, not to be missed!

Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th April

  • Option 1: DriveWorks Pro Administrator Training and Certification

    The DriveWorks Pro Administrator Essential Training is ideal if you are quite new to DriveWorks and want to become certified. The training will cover topics such as:

    • Creating a Group
    • Capturing Models
    • Creating a Project
    • Building a User Interface
    • Building Rules
    • Using Constants and Variables
    • Validating Results with Reporting
    • File Name and Relative Path Rules
    • Tables in DriveWorks
    • Form and Document Templates
    • Adding and Driving Component Sets
    • Capturing and Driving Drawings
    • Creating a Specification Flow

    You can work through the training at your own pace. On completion of the training you will sit the DriveWorks Pro Certification and become a Certified DriveWorks Professional (CDWP) to demonstrate your expertise.

    Once you're certified you can then learn how to enhance your project by working through the DriveWorks Pro Administrator Advanced training, covering the following topics:

    • Static and Dynamic Properties
    • Advanced Form Controls
    • Specification Control
    • Linking to External Data
    • Creating and Using a Roll Up Table
    • Hierarchical Properties
    • Macro Buttons
    • Using Generation Tasks
    • Using Calculation Tables
  • Option 2: Choose Your Own Topic Specific Sessions

    A selection of brief sessions covering specific topics at different skill levels.

    Before DriveWorks World you'll choose which sessions you wish to attend. By choosing your own sessions you'll only learn what's relevant to you and your DriveWorks projects.

    Sessions will be repeated at different times on both days to give you the best opportunity to join the sessions you want to.

    The sessions are divided into categories and skill levels. This means you'll only learn the topics you want to, in as much detail as you need. At DriveWorks World, you can learn at your own pace.

    See the topics we'll be covering at each skill level below.

    • Topic Essentials
      Session Topic Category
      Getting Started with Specification Flow - The Who Does What and When in Your DriveWorks Configurator Workflow Specification Flow
      Structuring Your Projects and Assemblies to Match Your Company Needs Modularity
      Taking Design Automation to the Next Level with Generation Tasks Design Automation
      Setting up DriveWorks Pro Server for a Multi-User Environment and Additional DriveWorks Software Modules Modularity
      Troubleshooting Your DriveWorks Projects Reports and Auditing
      Creating a Responsive Configurator that Works Well and Looks Good on Any Device Forms
      DriveWorks Hardware - What Do I Need? Modularity
      An Introduction to the DriveWorks CPQ Template Configure, Price, Quote
    • Gaining Proficiency
      Session Topic Category
      Working with XML Data in DriveWorks Integration
      Reading and Writing Data to SQL Securely and Safely Using DriveWorks Integration
      Generation Tasks - Can We Make the Perfect Drawing? Design Automation
      Simplifying Your Projects Using Generation Tasks Design Automation
      Controlling Specification Macros with New Workflows Workflow
      Scheduling Specification Processing Using the DriveWorks Autopilot Power Pack Workflow
      Gathering and Processing Data with Web Services and DriveWorks Integration
      Using DriveWorks Rules to Create Detailled Bills of Materials Integration
      Connecting Your Existing Configurators to the DriveWorks CPQ Template Configure, Price, Quote
    • Deep Learning
      Session Topic Category
      Creating Fully Integrated Configurators Using Specification Host Control Modularity
      Integrating DriveWorks Live in to Your Company Website Using Skins and Themes Integration
      Adding New Relational Lists to the DriveWorks CPQ Template Configure, Price, Quote
      Creating 3D Layouts in a Browser with DriveWorks Configuration Using 3D
      Controlling Custom Cameras In Your DriveWorks 3D Scene Configuration Using 3D
      3D is Not All About CAD. Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for Creating a 3D Configurator Using Replacements, Scaling and Appearance Remapping Configuration Using 3D
      Creating Custom Functions Using the DriveWorks API Integration
      Creating Custom Specification Tasks Using the DriveWorks API Integration
      Creating Custom Generation Tasks Using the DriveWorks API Integration
      Load Balancing DriveWorks Live Across IIS Instances Using Application Request Routing Modularity
      An Introduction to the New DriveWorks eCommerce PowerPack Integration
  • Plus: Add a One to One Session with a DriveWorks Expert

    Bookable one to one sessions with DriveWorks experts are also available for an additional fee. Please contact us for more information.

Based on suggestions from delegates, this agenda may change. The full DriveWorks World 2018 schedule will be released closer to the event. If you have any questions regarding the schedule or the event, please contact us.


A group picture taken at DriveWorks World 2017 DriveWorks Certification logo

Become a Certified DriveWorks Pro Professional

Take advantage of instructor led training from DriveWorks experts and become certified in DriveWorks Pro.

DriveWorks World is the only place where customers can take the DriveWorks Pro Certification.

The DriveWorks Certification is a great way to build your knowledge and competency with DriveWorks software. It demonstrates your expertise in using DriveWorks and it is an endorsement for you and your organization that can give you a real competitive edge and help you to be more self-sufficient.


DriveWorks World 2018 - Cheshire, UK - April 16th - 18th

DriveWorks World 2018 - Cheshire, UK - April 16th - 18th
Register By 23rd March 2018

Price Includes:

  • Monday to Wednesday lunch and refreshment breaks
  • Monday evening dinner

Not included: Hotel, travel and additional food & beverage costs.

Conference Fees

Fees & Pricing Details Price
Standard Rate

Monday to Wednesday Attendance

£850 per person

Early Bird Rate

Monday to Wednesday Attendance

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£650 per person

Early Bird Rate now expired

DriveWorks World Monday Attendance Only £250 per person
One To One Sessions By Appointment Only On Application
Group Pricing Special Offers For Large Groups Contact Us
Excursion Sunday - Jodrell Bank & Tatton Park £35 per person

* All prices include VAT and Taxes

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The Park Royal Hotel

DriveWorks World 2018 will be held in Cheshire, UK at the Park Royal Hotel.

A traditional converted vicarage surrounded by the Cheshire countryside, the Park Royal hotel is in a prime location with great transport links.

The hotel is within easy reach of the M56, M6 and M62, just 14 miles from Manchester Airport and 3 miles from Warrington Central Train Station.

Park Royal Hotel Stretton Road, Stretton, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 4NS

Book Accommodation

The Park Royal Hotel
A Park Royal Hotel Twin Room
The Park Royal Hotel Bar
The Park Royal Hotel Swimming Pool

Book your room at the Park Royal Hotel for DriveWorks World 2018.

The hotel has great transport links, breakfast is included, you'll get full use of the leisure facilities and be right at the heart of the DriveWorks World action.

If you are unsure about booking arrangements, please contact us.

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